A CALDIVO DATA application can be any kind of cost model which Ewers Consult configures individually for you by using a standardized software platform.

Potential applications of CALDIVO DATA

Analysis of costs for decision making.

Clear presentation of costs for external communication, for instance to political decision makers, authorities, firms and the general public.


The definition of a CALDIVO DATA model will be a joint exercise by your organization and Ewers Consult.


The key element of the model are data objects. A data object is a collection of values which can be identified in a coordinate system. That coordinate system might have a multitude of dimensions. The image on the right is an illustration of a three-dimensional data object.


The definition of a CALDIVO DATA model comprises the following:

the definition of dimensions,

the definition of data objects,

the definition of mathematical linkages between the data objects, and

the definition of user dialogues.

Advantages of CALDIVO DATA at a glance

CapacityThere is no principle limitation of the amount of data objects and user dialogues CALDIVO DATA can handle.

TransparencyCALDIVO DATA can provide extensive documentation of the interim stages of the cost allocation process.

FlexibilityA CALDIVO DATA model can be adjusted to changing requirements at manageable effort.

EfficiencyCompared to a model programmed from scratch to perform a particular costing exercise, CALDIVO DATA is more price-efficient and quicker to implement.